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Are you dreaming of a small house in the city suburbs ? Or maybe you want to implement your plans and purchase a large house with a garden where every family member has its own  room ? It is high time to take the matters into your own hands and make your dreams come true.  You will find here offers of houses for sale and rent.

At the beginning think about what you expect from your new house. Do you want a bungalow or a two-storey house ? Shall it be situated in the city centre or in the suburbs ? What living area would you like ? By answering the above questions you will state precisely your expectations and this way you will be able to eliminate uninteresting offers. The price of the house is important, too, but keep in mind that the prospective sellers frequently make concessions.

Is it you who wants to sell your property ? Write an advertisement presenting the condition of the house. However do not conceal anything from the visitors – the prospective buyers. Attach photos of the house interior and exterior to the offer which will attract attention of the prospective buyers.

HomeFree Website is visited by thousands of people every day. Maybe you will close a deal  with one of the visitors. On our part we ensure that the well written advertisement will reach a wide circle of concerned people from your area. People looking for a property can count on systematic enlargement of the advertisement base of houses for sale or rent.

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