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Spring cleaning revealed loads of unnecessary things you haven`t used for ages and that only occupy unnecessary space.  Maybe you are looking for attractive pieces of art with a spirit that will become great decoration for your living room ? Here you can buy everything that is necessary and sell everything unnecessary.  On HomeFree advertising website you will find offers in the category: home, electronics, decoration items, clothes, footwear, jewellery, watches, bags and suitcases, books, music, games, toys, handicrafts, garden. Generally speaking – everything that can be of use.

The multitude of advertisements on our website will make it easy for you to find the item that meets your expectations in terms of the price and appearance. The authors of some advertisements offer the possibility of negotiations so you might be able to buy the dream item cheaper than you assumed initially.

Do you want to sell items lying in boxes as a result of a renovation or moving  ? Prepare a detailed description of the offered item, demonstrate its disadvantages and advantages, at the end attach a photo which will attract attention of the visitors. Good advertising is half the battle and the guarantee of finding someone eager to close a deal.

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