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Are you looking for the dream flat ? HomeFree advertising website presents advertisements of flats for sale and rent from all over the country. You will find here flats for sale from the primary and secondary market. There are also lots of accommodation rent offers, from small studios to impressive apartments.

Before you start looking for a flat, specify your expectations. Are you looking for a tiny flat in the city centre or dreaming of a spacious apartment in the suburbs ? Think of the spatial arrangement of your new flat. When you start browsing the offers, pay attention to the finest details including the location. Check how far it is to get to your work or the city centre from the given location and whether there is a bus stop nearby. Take an interest in whether the flat has an appurtenant parking lot. You should preferably make a list of your expectations and tick off one item after another to find out what the place has or does not have.

Are you the owner who wants to rent or sell a flat ? Draw up an advertisement in which you will present its condition, location and other advantages precisely. Attach a photo to your offer necessarily, that will draw the attention of the visitors. Do not exaggerate as our advertising website appreciates authenticity.

HomeFree Website is visited by thousands of people every day. Maybe the new tenant or purchaser of your flat is among the visitors. We ensure that your advertisement will reach a wide circle of concerned people, so you will find a purchaser or tenant in no time.

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