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Are you looking for office space, a doctor’s surgery, shop space, production premises or a warehouse to move your current business activity and proceed with market coverage ? 

Here you will find business premises for purchase or rent in various parts of Poland. Make your dreams come true today already and take your first steps in business.

At the beginning, before you start the search, consider your expectations of the new office. Specify its area, location, state how much you are able to pay for purchase or rent. This will allow you to eliminate immediately offers that are inappropriate or that do not meet your expectations. However if an advertisement has attracted your attention but the price suggested in it is unsatisfactory for you, check its contents carefully because maybe the bidder provided for the possibility of negotiations.

Are you the owner of business premises that you would like to sell or rent ? Draw up an advertisement presenting the lodging with a precise description of its advantages and disadvantages. Do not hide anything, ultimately all shortcomings will come to light, and our advertising website is committed to authenticity. Add a photo to your advertisement so that you will draw the attention of people looking for business premises.

Remember that good advertising is half the battle. Do your best to attract the attention of visitors through your advertisement and awake willingness to see the premises. Then it is straight path to close the deal. On our part we ensure that your advertisement will reach all concerned people. 

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